Private Trade Copier

SimpleTrader provides the most advanced Private Trade Copier platform on the market.

The private trade copier is intended for both personal use and for money managers that are in control of the account management process on behalf of private clients.

The copier speed

The fastest trade execution and most stable infrastructure in the industry.

Multiple accounts

The ability to easily connect a master account to several follower accounts on the same control panel.

Web Control Panel

Organize your follower accounts and monitor their performance inside the web based control panel.

Connect from anywhere

Log into Web Control Panel that allows you to make adjustments from any internet enabled device.


SimpleTrader is mature product, so you are getting very stable copier platform.

Partial closes

Our copier handles partial closes without any problems.

Private Trade Copier Pricing

Slave connections - First account free, then $10USD per slave per month
Master accounts - First account free, then $3.50USD per master per month