We’re increasing signal requirements

4 January 2017
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Dear SimpleTrader signal provider,

Firstly, please let me thank you for being a loyal SimpleTrader signal provider. It’s through the efforts of you in the community that we’re able to provide such a popular and transparent trade copying platform.

We recently did a poll, and since our inception in 2012 we’ve supported 5,000+ clients and successfully executed over 38mil trades on client accounts!

As the site has grown we now have the luxury of being more selective with signals that are listed on the public market place. As you can appreciate, we’re in the business of helping retail traders make money by copying professionals (like you). However, when one signal provider fails it has a further reaching impact you might imagine. Not only do our clients lose money, but also faith in the system, and are therefor less likely to subscribe to signals in the future.

In response to this we’ve elected to increase the minimum requirement for signals on the market place.

In order to be listed, a signal must: 

1) Be verified on SimpleTrader
2)  Have a verified Myfxbook or FXBlue statement attached to their profile
3)  Present a 6+ month, verified track record
4) Minimum deposit of $3,000 (USD or equivalent)

The following changes will be enforced from the 1st February 2017, so please ensure your account is funded to an appropriate level in preparation so that your signal will continue to be listed on the market place.

With your help, we look forward to continuing to offer profitable and reliable trade copier signals well into the future to our ever growing community of clients.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact support.