List of frequently asked questions:

Who and What is SimpleTrader?

SimpleTrader is the worlds most reliable remote trade copier. We allow you the ability to copy trades almost instantly between hundreds of MT4 and/or cTrader accounts through the use of our technology.

Many of the industries leading money managers use SimpleTrader to easily manage multiple client accounts in tandem.

At this exact moment there are millions of dollars worth of live trades running through our network. This is a testament to the trust our clients have in our stability and reliability.

How To Sign Up?

Click here to go to the signup page. Signing up takes just 1 minute and you will then have access to one of the most powerful forex trade copiers available.

Our entire system is automated so you can have yourself up and running in no time. If you need to contact our support department please feel free and one of our team will be back in touch as soon as possible.

What's the difference between the Private Trade Copier and the Commercial Trade Copier?

The private trade copier has been designed for individuals to copy between personal accounts. Both master and slave accounts are managed from the same user control panel.

The commercial trade copier has been designed for vendors wanting to sell access to their signals to the general public. It allows vendors to create a white label control panel and customise the user experience. The commercial trade copier offers all the functionality of the private trade copier while also enabling rapid scalability to members of the public through our automated payment gateways and system monitoring.

SimpleTrader EA Copier:

Can I use other Expert Advisors with our Trade Copier?

Yes, please check our Knowledge Base site explaining on how to use other Expert Advisors with SimpleTrader MT4 Copier.

Can you explain Risk/Money Management settings?

Please check our Knowledge Base site explaining Risk/Money Management settings.

Can I adjust the risk and lot sizing on my account?

Yes. SimpleTrader gives you complete flexibility. You can select from a number of money management options as well as setting a maximum lot size and drawdown safety net on your account. Each individual slave account can be tailored to suit each client.

My Heartbeat status is 'Never'. What should I do?

Please check our Knowledge Base site explaining what to do when your Heartbeat status is ‘Never’.

What happens if I get disconnected from SimpleTrader with open trades on my account?

Should your account become disconnected you will receive an email and SMS (if enabled) alerting you the issue. You can then check your trading terminal and/or jump on our 24hr support centre for help in reconnecting. Once the account is reconnected all open trades will recommence being managed by our system.

What is the slippage value representing?

Please check our Knowledge Base site explaining slippage value.

Does SimpleTrader support partial trade closes?

Yes. Partial closes are transmitted to slave accounts without an issue.

Do I need to run a VPS?

Yes and No.

Commercial signal providers need to maintain connection with our network during market hours, this will require the use of a VPS. We recommend SimpleTrader VPS – www.ForexVPS.net for the fastest trade copying and lowest latency to our network.

Slave accounts do not need to run a VPS. They have the option of using the Managed Hosting solution whereby SimpleTrader hosts the client MT4 on our servers and monitors and maintains the connection.

I have got 'Trading to trade' message. How can I fix that?

If your broker is using suffix on FX pairs then please make sure you have attached SimpleTrader EA to the chart with suffix name on it.
For example if your broker is using ‘-Pro’ suffix on FX pairs then you should attach SimpleTrader EA to the ‘EURUSD-Pro’ chart.

Also make sure that you have enabled SimpleTrader EA to trade.

Do we have to map all currencies when there is a suffix added to the currency pairs?

No, you don’t. Just attach SimpleTrader EA to the chart with suffix name on it.

So for example your broker suffix is ‘-Pro‘, meaning when you want to trade on EURUSD pair then you have to trade it on ‘EURUSD-Pro‘ on your MetaTrader 4 account. In this case you need to open ‘EURUSD-Pro‘ chart and attach SimpleTrader EA to that.

Do you provide any SMS Alerts?

Yes. You can receive an SMS every time your signal enters or exits a trade, or in the unlikely event either your master or slave account becomes disconnected from our network. While logged inside your SimpleTrader account, click on the ‘Setup SMS’ on the left navigation to set it up.

Commercial Trade Copier:

How much work is involved in administering the Commercial Trade Copier?

It’s easy!

Once you have set up your account the entire process is automated. SimpleTrader offers seamless integration with PayPal and Click2Sell payment gateways. Once a user subscribes to a signal the user is instantly registered on our system with installation instructions immediately sent to their email address. Thereafter the subscription is monitored and adjusted for cancellations or adjustments.

Client information, payments and monthly statements of subscribers, cancellations and income received are also available giving you all the information needed to help you build your signal business.

Setting Paypal IPN Callback URL

Please check our Knowledge Base site explaining on how to setup PayPal IPN CallBack URL.

The cost of Commercial Trade Copier

If you are using the commercial copier, you are charged $15USD per month for each slave connection. Please also note that we average out number of connections that you had in each month. So for example, if you had a client that was connected only for 2 weeks and another one was also connected for 2 weeks, that is averaged out so it’s counted as 1 connection for 1 month.

Setting Click2Sell

Please check our Knowledge Base site explaining on how to setup Click2sell Payment Gateway.

White Label The SimpleTrader Platform

Please check our Knowledge Base site explaining on how to setup SimpleTrader White Label Portal.

Customer Process Flow

Please check our Knowledge Base site explaining the Customer Process Flow.

My Users

The ‘My Users’ tab on the control panel shows you all the users that have signed up to one of your signals. By default when a user registered using your portal they will not show in the ‘My Users’ tab until they actually have one of your services. If you were to register a new user @ mydomain.com they will only show in ‘My Users’ once they had logged in and signed up to one of your signals. At this point you have the ability to view all their information such as name, email, which signals they have subscribed too, expiry dates, payment log etc.

The ‘My Users’ page also enables you to filter specific criteria. When you start to have hundreds of users connected to multiple signals, you may want to run reports to see exactly who is connected where. The filter results gives you this ability.