• We’re Monitoring the Market Place…

    5 May 2015

    Our Market Place is a hub of individuals / teams of traders who offer our copying community the platform to potentially achieve aggressive returns. As an intermediary between trader and copier, it’s our priority that we filter out what we deem as sub-prime and / or extreme risk traders from the Market Place. We do this by sometimes obtaining additional verification of the traders via 3rd party sources and broker authentication. In addition to this we also have the view of ultimately reducing the number of martingale / grid styled traders as they are statistically more prone to large drops or outlier events.

    As of now this is a manual process but we will ultimately be incorporating a minor due diligence process. This will involve the trader submitting their signal to the Market Place for us to review before either approving or declining. This is so that we can streamline the process in a more standardized and non-discretionary manner.

    We want to make it abundantly clear that this is all in an effort to ensure and demonstrate that our interests are constantly aligned with our copying community.

    *keep an eye out for future posts as we get around to implementing these changes.

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