• ICMarkets Official Response

    15 January 2015

    Dear Client,

    This email is concerning the CHF position(s) on your trading account and the prices streamed across the CHF pairs that have affected you today.

    Today at 11:30 platform time (GMT+2) the Swiss National Bank removed the floor at 1.20 on the EURCHF currency pair which caused extreme volatility in all CHF pairs and the market in general. Over this period we saw spreads widen significantly which in turn caused the activation of price filters to stop pricing. Once pricing stopped on our main Integral price feed our backup price feed from Currenex was allowed to price. It was at this time that some liquidity providers were able to stream erroneous prices to IC Markets and execute client trades at prices they shouldn’t have.

    Today IC Markets will be amending the prices on trades done across the CHF pairs with our liquidity providers. Once we have had these trades amended we will begin the process of adjusting clients accounts. This may include but not be limited to the actions below:

    • Reinstatement of positions where appropriate and possible

    • Amendment of open/close prices on trades

    • Assessment of client portfolios closed due to insufficient margin

    • Adjusting client cash balances to reflect the actions above

    IC Markets staff will be working as fast as possible to complete the above and restore trading accounts to their correct state. We appreciate your patience as we complete this.

    Kind regards,
    IC Markets Trade Desk
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    15 January 2015

    At 09:30am GMT there was an economic release data regarding the Libor Rate of CHF. The interest rate was cut at an unscheduled emergency meeting. An aggregate of speculators are looking for fundamental changes such as this, which ultimately creates large sporadic pockets of volume creating extreme reactions in the EURCHF price.

    Please be aware that should you have been affected by a price action that was otherwise non-existent or at least approximately shared by other brokers, you must contact your broker immediately to rectify this issue and reimburse / reinstate positions.

    You may have experienced a bad tick or a price low that deviated massively from what aggregate liquidity providers otherwise called and provided at a higher price.

    IC Markets Dispute Resolution Link: Click Here
    AxiTrader Complaints Handling: Click Here
    Pepperstone Trade Investigation Form: Click Here

    Please Note:

    If you have experienced this issue with any other broker we urge you to get into contact with their dispute departments as soon as possible.

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  • Download your trade history in CSV format

    8 January 2015

    We have been doing a lot of in house testing of strategies and as such we needed to quickly download trade history in CSV format so we could easily import it into Excel. We’ve built a feature for signal provider to easily download your trade history in CSV format.

    • Go into Edit Signals
    • Click on Show Status on the signal you wish to get the CSV data for
    • Click the magical green button that says “Download trade history in CSV”

    Currently this is only available to signal providers but we do intend to bring this feature forward for all users.

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  • ST Sender 2.6 released – Important

    7 January 2015

    We have released version 2.6 of the sender EA. This is required by all signal providers, or anyone sending signals from their MT4 platform to Simpletrader.

    This is for signal providers or personal copier accounts

    This new sender is in preparation for a new release of the receiver EA for slave accounts. We have built new money management techniques which closely mimic risk by utilizing currency exchange rates to work out the required lot size. We ask that all providers upgrade to the latest EA as soon as possible. We plan to launch the new EA for slave accounts on the 1st February. If you are not running the latest EA, your followers will be unable to get new trades if they choose to use the new MM technique.

    It is safe to upgrade while you have trades open. Please make sure you REMOVE the old EA from the chart before attaching this new EA. Only ever run 1 sender EA on your MT4 else you will send duplicate trades.

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