• Small Group Of Clients Temporarily Offline

    30 December 2014

    Unfortunately one of our EA servers has had a temporary outage. We’re working on restoring the connection at the moment and are confident it will be resolved shortly.

    Effected accounts will be reconnected automatically once the issue is fixed.

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  • Myfxbook stats starting to be replaced with ST Stats

    11 December 2014

    I’m sure some of you remember about a month ago we enforced the requirement for Myfxbook stats on signals. This is still in place but over the last month we have rewritten our own stats module to be far more accurate and we are slowly bringing signals onboard using our stats module instead of myfxbook. Why are we doing this? Well put simply, we can only get so much data from Myfxbook’s API, and we want to be able to display more data for you guys to view before signing up to signals. In the next few months, if our stats are good enough we hope to start filtering our the requirement for myfxbook stats and also allows signal providers to simply use our stats.

    Signals will still be able to link their myfxbook stats like they have always been able too, however the graphs themselves were previously pulled from Myfxbook and will hopefully be generated by us instead.

    A few of the signal providers that we’ve already moved over are listed below:


    Please do let us know what you think about our stats – we’ve spent a good amount of time on them and its important to us that we get it right.


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  • White label portal providers

    10 December 2014

    We have now finalized all white label portals by providing a white labelled manual as well. This removes any reference to Simpletrader and allows you to remain totally anonymous.

    This does not require any settings on the providers end – by default the manual your clients download will be white labelled if they are logged into your portal such as portal.mydomain.com

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  • Kilimanjaro – Check your broker!

    9 December 2014

    Kilimanjaro has become a huge hit in the last few weeks – and we wish the ex head trader of JP Morgan a fantastic 2015 which we can all benefit from. As you will have noticed, he trades the Kiwi fairly often so it is really important that you check to make sure you are using a decent broker offering good spreads on the kiwi. We are finding that Axitrader and IC Markets are offering good spreads with low slippage with our live accounts. This signal will be very reliant upon the broker that you use. We will try to compile a list of brokers over the coming weeks that we suggest using.

    In the mean time, we hope everyone enjoys following this very talented trader.

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