• Maintenance window now closed

    30 November 2014

    We have now finished working on the EA servers and everything is back online. Your EA’s should have automatically reconnected, however if in doubt just restart your MT4 terminal. There should be a heartbeat inside your control panel within the last 30 seconds.

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  • Extended maintenance period on EA servers

    30 November 2014

    We were doing a brief maintenance on our EA servers which has become a little longer than we expected. If you see your EA saying its disconnected, don’t worry to much it’ll reconnect once we finish our work.

    This should be reconnected in the next hour.

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  • Development – “Dynamic Money Management”

    28 November 2014

    Here at SimpleTrader, we have been working hard in developing a new and more precise form of money management when copying the signal providers.

    We have taken big steps in making sure that the Copier (Slave) – irrespective of what their account currency is – can now far more closely mimic the Masters (Signal Provider) percentage returns.

    This is a huge improvement for Copiers who have a different account currency than the Signal Provider. How this works is we are factoring in the exchange rate differential between the Master (Signal Provider) account currency, against the Slave (Copier) account currency when the trade is placed. This means that on a trade by trade basis, your percentage risk will be very closely reflecting the same risk profile of the Signal Provider.

    In this new method (“Dynamic Lots“) if your account currency is different to the Signal Providers account currency, you will no longer have to concern yourself with the exchange rate differential under the “Multiplier” function here:

    multiplierInstead, we are now taking care of this for you within the Copy Technology. This Multiplier will now simply increase or decrease your risk in relation to the Signal Providers. A Multiplier of “1” will copy their percentage risk profile and “2” will be doubling the risk in your account. You can also precisely control this risk profile to 2 decimal places (e.g. 1.25).

    Lets look at a more precise example of how these trades may look to a copier with a different account currency than the signal providers (this will also be available to you on launch within the Simple Trader Control Panel):


    In this particular example, the Master (Signal Provider – left side) is trading a GBP account currency. The Slave (copier – right side) is trading an AUD account currency. Both accounts are the same size in this illustration. What’s important to realise is that the lot size will vary but the overall risk percentage (as shown) will remain constant or very close to what the signal provider is risking(%). This is because “lots” are not made equal to each and every account currency. They’re worth different values depending on the lot size, market traded, account size and account currency. Using percentages allows us to clearly see what each trade is truly worth to the Copier (Slave) when comparing against the Signal Provider (Master). To reiterate this point using the example above, if you (The Copier – right side) were to have traded the same lot size as the Master (Signal Provider – left side), then you would have actually been taking on more risk than what was otherwise taken by the Master (Signal Provider).

    We are excited to roll this out in the coming weeks and we hope you are too. In the meantime we continue to test and quality assure every aspect to make sure that this will be integrated onto our platform without any issues.

    Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more updates and information of this new Money Management method!

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  • ForexVPS.net gets a new face and a new package

    27 November 2014

    We have just released the new ForexVPS.net site – congrats to Daniel who has done an amazing job at making this new look. We have also put together a new package which will without doubt become the favored package of them all – The Basic+

    The Basic+ has an additional 1GB of Memory and a 3GB extra disk space!

    Check out the Forex VPS packages here

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  • Ability to disable your own symbols

    18 November 2014

    Most of you will be aware of the ability to disable pairs. We have a set list of pairs you are able to disable however some users have started to want to disable pairs that may differ from account to account. As such we have added the ability for you to disable your own pairs by simply typing the pair into a box which then adds it to your list of pairs to disable.

    To use this feature:

    • Go into “My Signals” and edit one of your signals.
    • Click on the Disable Pairs tab
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a subsection called “Customize”
    • You can enter a symbol into this box – for example if we add “WTI” and click Add – this now gets added into the list of pairs you are able to disable.

    Please note

    When you enter a pair to disable, it will disable itself straight away.



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  • Track your users with each pricing button

    11 November 2014

    A quick video showing some information on how as a signal provider you can track users for each of the payment buttons you generate using Simpletrader.

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  • Signal Provider – Advanced pricing features

    11 November 2014

    Some advanced features we have built in for signal providers

    • Return and Cancel URL – Redirect your users to a specific location after paying via a direct link
    • Style your payment pages to look like your website

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  • One for signal providers!

    11 November 2014

    In an aid to help signal providers, we’ve built some useful analytics to help track your users for each of your price brackets. When you browse to the following:

    • My Signals
    • Edit Signals
    • Add / Edit Pricing

    You’ll now see a button for “Analytics” for each of your prices. The data helps you track the number of users clicking payment links directly on your website or email promotions that you may do. It does not include any data from users clicking from within Simpletrader or ConnectForex.

    You can see an image of how this will look below


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  • Welcome to Dominic

    6 November 2014

    We’d like to give a warm welcome to Dominic Gilbert who is the newest member of the Think Huge Ltd team! Dom has been brought onboard to help drive business development.

    Dom has a lot of background knowledge in trade analysis and he will be posting useful articles in the forum to help new and veteran traders best choose signals to start a portfolio. You’ll see Dom around the forum and on live chat while he learns the ropes, so please feel free to say Hi!

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  • Direct Connect finally phased out

    2 November 2014

    After almost a year since we disabled new connections to Direct Connect, we have finally phased it out and stopped all systems that ran this over the weekend.

    We have sent numerous emails over the past few months warning of the disconnection. So if there are any clients who have ignored these warnings you will now find your accounts connected. Our support team are on hand if you need help migrating across to the Expert Advisor and VPS.

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