• New EA releases

    30 September 2014

    We’ve rolled out numerous updates for all platforms today.

    MT4 EA version 3.3 has been released with full installer. Numerous new fixes implemented in this release.

    MT4 Sender EA version 2.4 has been released – we do recommend upgrading to this latest release

    cTrader EA Version 1.3 – Finally released! After months of testing, we are please to announce that our cTrader copier is in a final stable release. Anyone using this we ask you report any bugs as however much testing we do, we are unable to test every broker platform.

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  • New site complete

    22 September 2014

    Hey guys and welcome to the new Simpletrader website. This has been a long time coming but Daniel has smashed out this new ST site which looks fantastic! We have integrated the blog into this site, and also moved the site onto a subdomain (en.simpletrader.net) – this has been done so that in time we can start to roll out new languages.

    Hope you like the new look 🙂

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  • Upcoming new features

    16 September 2014

    We have some new features up and coming

    Client side

    • You will no longer need to select your broker from a drop down – this will get auto populated when you attach your EA
    • New EA with installer
    • New cTrader EA will be finally released with installer

    Signal Provider

    • Ability to set a max account size that can follow your signal. 
    • cTrader sender EA will soon be available – so get developing your strategies on this fantastic platform!
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  • This weekend maintenance summarised

    14 September 2014

    Just a quick update on the updates we applied this weekend

    • We have upgraded our core switches to give multiple redundancy to 2 separate routers running on separate fibre rings – This gives us better availability in the event of a network failure
    • We have upgraded the EA servers with the latest development in readyness for the new EA which addresses the potential issue that happened with Caesar last week
    • We have moved a number of servers into our “core” racks in our Manchester datacentre over the weekend which caused the websites / EA servers to go offline for approximately 4 hours on Saturday. This has been completed successfully and everything is back online.
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  • Maintenance Window – Saturday 13th September 2014

    12 September 2014

    We are doing a massive network upgrade to increase redundancy. During this we will be rebooting some of our core webservers and some of the copier servers. You will notice your EA disconnects multiple times throughout the day on Saturday, but nothing to be concerned about. It should auto reconnect.

    Everything will be back and running on Sunday so just check you have a connection on your Metatrader/cTrader account.

    This upgrade is giving us multi redundant routes from our core switches incase of core router failure. We are also running direct fibres between 2 datacentres to our racks to give better redundancy.

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  • Caesar2 Multiple Trades

    11 September 2014

    Please be advised that we experienced a temporary technical glitch which resulted in trade ID 2006824 executing and closing a number of times consecutively.

    This issue has been repaired and your are safe to continue with your connections.

    An email will be sent to all Ceasar clients with more information shortly.

    We apologies for the error and assure you we are working hard to identify the issue to ensure it is not replicated.

    Our techincal director, William Thomas has done a video explaining exactly what happened for your information.


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  • Signal verification increased to 12 weeks history

    5 September 2014

    We have decided to increase the required history from 8 weeks to 12 weeks of verified history before your signals are automatically verified into our network.

    This means that signal providers now require 3 months of history before displaying in both ConnectForex and Simpletrader networks.

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  • ForexVPS.net is launched

    1 September 2014

    Hey guys, after some deliberation inside the company we have decided to rename stvps.net to ForexVPS.net. This has taken effect as of this morning, you can still browse to stvps.net and it will auto redirect you to the new domain.

    The only change is the name, everything else remains as it was 🙂

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