• Receiver Version 3.1 Released

    21 July 2014

    We have released an update to our receiver EA. This new version changes the way in which certain pieces of information are transmitted between your platform and our servers. The result is a slightly more stable connection.

    A video of the installation procedure can be clicking here.

    To install version 3.1 please follow these steps:

    – Ensure you have .NET framework installed on your PC or VPS. If not, please install: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851

    Once .NET is installed attach the new EA:

    – Download Simpletrader-v3.1.zip from your download folder
    – Extract the contents of the zip folder. (keep this window open)
    – Open your MT4 platform
    – Navigate to File > Open Data Folder
    – Open MQL4 folder
    – Copy and paste the contents of the zip folder as follows:
    Simpletrader-V3.1.exe into MQL4/Experts
    Simpletrader MT4.dll into MQL4/Libraries
    – Restart MT4
    – Drag and drop SimpleTrader Receiver EA onto your chart and input your UID.

    You should now be connected!

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  • Infrastructure upgrades – Tonight from 22:30 GMT

    18 July 2014

    We are doing a huge upgrade on the core infrastructure tonight just after the market closes. You will see the heartbeats disconnect for up to 90 minutes.  We are purposefully doing this outside of market hours so there is nothing to worry about. Please make sure your connection to the trade copier is back up and running by Saturday.

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  • Layer2 Auth – Important

    4 July 2014

    We have changed how layer2 authentification works and we have removed the questions and made it a 6 digit pin of your choice. If you previously had Layer2 auth setup, you will need to go and set this up again in “My account settings”

    If you are new to Layer2 auth – it adds an extra layer of security when logging in and asks you for a 6 digit pin that you have previously chosen. It will not always ask you for this pin – but on computers that are not trusted. This is something we highly recommend as it gives you that extra level of security.

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