• New Subscriptions On Hold

    29 May 2014

    New hardware is ready to be installed, however we can’t action the upgrade until the market closes over the weekend. The upgrade requires us shut down the existing trade servers for several hours while everything is reconfigured.

    The safety of existing accounts is our top priority, so we have decided to suspend new connections until the upgrade is complete.

    The last thing we all want is for existing connections to be jeopardised due to a sever overload.

    We really appreciate your patience as we work hard on restoring stability to the growing network.

    New subscriptions will be reactivated over the coming weekend.

    Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

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  • Server Issues

    28 May 2014

    Over the past 2 weeks SimpleTrader has experienced exponential growth. As a result our servers are currently running very close to capacity and many of you may experience brief periods of disconnection on your accounts.

    We have a solution, however it cannot be implemented until the market closes on Friday.

    We apologies for this, however it was unexpected and nothing we have experienced in the past.

    Rest assured the stability of our network is our top priority and we are investing heavily to ensure it remains the worlds most reliable MT4 trade copier.

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  • Attention FXDD Clients

    17 May 2014

    We have been alerted to a potential issue effecting FXDD clients that are being moved across to FXCM this weekend. Apparently all clients effected by the move will be given new MT4 account numbers and current open trades will have their magic number removed.

    The magic number is essential for SimpleTrader to manage open trades. If you are an effected client there is a chance any current open trades will no longer be recognised by our system, you will therefore need to manage them directly.

    We believe this is only effecting US based FXDD clients.

    We have been unable to reach an FXDD representative to confirm this information, however we believe it’s essential all clients are informed about this potential threat.

    This should not effect future trades, only those that are currently open on your account.

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  • cTrader EA almost here

    13 May 2014

    We’ve been working hard and are close to the release of the new cTrader EA. It will work in a very similar way to the MT4 EA so it will feel very familiar. We are pleased to be able to expand our service to now offer an EA on a new platform!

    cTrader is an extremely powerful platform and will allow us to incorporate a lot more functionality than we have in MT4 simply because of the flexibility it gives us. In the initial release, we have developed it to be very similar to the MT4 EA so we can compare the 2 platforms. We will be offering both a Receiver & Sender, allowing cross platform copier functionality. You can now easily copy from cTrader to MT4 and visa versa.

    If you want to get familiar with cTrader you will need to download cAlgo here. cAlgo is the version of cTrader that allows you to run automated bots. You will probably be suprised at how fresh the interface feels vs MT4.

    We are just awaiting one last thing from cTrader to be complete which we expect in a few weeks, and we will then be in a position to release the EA. During this time, we will be constantly testing and making sure everything is stable.

    Please let us know your feedback in this forum post

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  • EA Version 2.1 released

    12 May 2014

    We’ve released version 2.1 – this has quite a few new features but it is not a requirement to update.

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  • Firefox Bug causes control panel to misbehave

    5 May 2014

    We have noticed that the very latest release of Firefox (29.0) is causing the new control panel to not load all pages. We are looking into this issue, but if you are on this release and find any pages not loading, please use a different browser (Chrome!).

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  • New Control Panel

    5 May 2014

    In the interests of continually improving our service, we have replaced our old control panel with a responsive, sexy design that works on most tablets and mobile devices.

    If you have any issues with the new portal please advise us on support@simpletrader.net

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