• More features added to reconciliation report

    17 March 2014

    We’ve added more features into the reconciliation report so that you are now able to search by a specific time frame and also it shows you more stats:

    Missed Trades – Fairly self explanatory – the number of missed trades in the time period specified
    Total pip slippage – The number of pips you have lost vs the master account – a positive number is a good thing, a negative number shows that you’ve lost pips against the master
    Total pips – This is the total number of pips you’ve made over the time period
    Pips lost on missed trades – This only shows if you have missed trades – and this tells you how many pips you missed out on

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  • Organise your forex signals!

    6 March 2014

    More and more of our customers are having 5+ accounts, and sometimes you might want to categorize your accounts. You can now add your own categories.

    1. From the my signals page – click on “config” – this used to be called “rename”
    2. You will now see that you can either select a category to link this account to (though this will be empty if its your first time) – or you can add a new category name
    3. Enter for example “Live Accounts”
    4. Click “Save”
    5. You will now see that there is a drop down at the top of the site in your navigation called “My Signals” – if you click this you will be able to easily sort between your categorized accounts.


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