• EA users with intermittent disconnections and full crashes

    27 February 2014

    Dear SimpleTrader Users,

    We are seeing on support some users still reporting issues with MT4, since the major build update to 574 and subsiquent minor updates (600 through to 610). The issues range form intermittent disconnections to full crashes. In all cases we are seeing that issues occur for users that are not on the latest build 610 and the latest EA version 2. For that, we recommend you update your MT4 terminal to 610 and the latest EA version 2. (For help with the new EA version 2 setup, check previous post – http://blog.simpletrader.net/?p=335)

    MT4 ‘should’ do this automatically on next restart of MT4 but Meatquotes and MT4 being the wonder that it is, this is not always the case. In that case you need to force the update.

    Forcing build 610

    Reinstall MT4 by running the setup file again. You will be prompted that an installation already exist in the default folder location. Just click yes to agree with installing.

    NOTE This will not affect any modifications, chart setups, indicators etc that you have.  The terminal will be the exact same cosmetically but you will be on the newest build 610.

    If you have installed the MT4 in a custom folder location, simply replace the installation folder for your custom location as you did when you installed it initially.

    Hope this helps,


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  • Version 2 works on Build 600

    4 February 2014

    Many brokers have now upgraded to build 600 of MT4.

    Don’t worry, version 2 of the sender and receiver EA’s work with the latest version of MT4.

    I have been troubleshooting with several clients today and found that occasionally I needed to restart MT4 multiple times before connection could be established to our servers. Once connected I didn’t experience any further issues.

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  • Connection Issues with Direct Connection

    3 February 2014

    Dear SimpleTrader Clients,

    We are currently experiencing connection issues to a handful of accounts who are using the Direct Connection method.

    We are working hard to find the source of the issue and rectify it. It appears to be linked to recent MetaQuotes updates (as usual).

    If your account disconnects we recommend you switch to the recommended EA connection method as soon as possible. Current trades will continue to be managed when you swap between Direct Connection and the EA connection method.

    Clients using the EA connection method are unaffected.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and assure you we are doing everything possible to maintain a stable connection to your accounts.



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