• Version 2.0 – How to install EA’s on new Metatrader 4 Build (574, 600 and above)

    23 January 2014

    As of today (23rd January) Metaquotes have released build 574 to brokers. It is now up to the brokers to release this build to their clients (you and us!). This version of MT4 has some fundamental changes which will stop all your EA’s working and you will either need to install new version compatible with build 574 or move them into the new directory structure that Metaquotes have decided upon.

    I’m afraid to say that version 1.91 of the EA (or anything before 1.91) will no longer work with Build 574 however we have prepared ourselves for this and have already developed version 2.0 of Simpletrader receiver AND sender EA.

    This applies to all new MetaTrader 4 builds: 574, 600, 604, 610 and above.

    Whats different?

    – The experts directory that you would be used to seeing is C:Program FilesPepperstone MT4experts
    – This folder will still exist when you upgrade, but MT4 no longer reads your EA data from this directory! Metaquotes have moved it.
    – Luckily MT4 have made it easy to get to your new “Data Folder”.
    Open your MT4 terminal and click on “File > Open Data Folder”.
    – You will now see a fairly similar setup that you are used to seeing.
    Your Experts folder is now in MQL4Experts
    Drag the Simpletrader-V2.0.ex4 found in the zip file you downloaded from your control panel into your new Experts folder. NOTE There is only one file required for the new EA V2.0 compared to the 3 files in the old version V1.91 and lower – http51.mqh &  http51.dll are no longer required.
    Restart MT4 and Voila! You now have the new EA installed.


    The above process applies for the Sender as well.

    We have also published a YouTube video tutorial on how to update your EA:

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  • Trade copier information

    19 January 2014

    If you are running version 1.9> you may have noticed that this weekend your EA stopped communicating with our systems. Please read the below email sent to those customers effected.

    Out of thousands of users connected via the EA this has effected 188 customers and we will work to find out why this has happened. We apologies for this.

    Dear Customer,

    We have done some major upgrades to our servers during the weekend and we have noticed a potential bug in the version of the EA that you are running. This is effecting your EA from connecting to our systems so we would ask that you follow the advise below:

    If your MT4 is showing “Lost connection to server, Waiting for reconnection…” follow the below instructions:

    1. Close your MT4 program by clicking the X in the top right corner of the window.

    2. Reopen your MT4 window

    The EA should now reconnect successfully.

    You should notice the Heartbeat in your control panel within approximately 5-10 seconds (i.e. it is not red!)


    If in doubt please contact our support department.

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