• VPS Maintenance 30th November

    28 November 2013

    We have emailed all clients this will effect. We are upgrading 3 host nodes during the weekend which will reboot the customers VPS. This is the email sent to all effected clients:

    Dear Client,

    We will be doing general maintenance on the host nodes that your VPS resides on the 30th November 2013 at 6pm GMT. The maintenance window is 4 hours, however we only expect your VPS to be offline for approximately 30 minutes in this window. We are upgrading some of the hardware of each of our nodes, and as such we will be shutting down all VPS on each node in turn. This will mean that your VPS will reboot and you will need to login to start any of your Forex terminals (or other services).

    Once the maintenance is complete, we will email you again to let you know we have finished.


    Will Thomas

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  • Low staff during Asia

    18 November 2013

    During the Asia session we will have a low staff count until Tuesday evening. Its that time of year that staff are taking holiday time so please bare with us during this time. Live chat may not be online over the next 24 hours during Asia so please feel free to contact our support desk.


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  • Dedicated to helping new vendors

    11 November 2013

    Over the last month we have been internally discussing how to help vendors. As with LiveForexTrading, the key to our success is bringing successful traders to the retail world. We have dedicated countless hours to finding traders for our LiveForexTrading site and now we are determined to help the many successful traders using our system get seen by our extensive network.

    Over the next few weeks we will be implementing some changes to the control panel to try and make vendor signals a little more visible. We understand that many vendors use our system for a white labelled solution, and we will make sure that the additions we make do not harm the white labelled side of things.


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  • New dashboard for all users

    11 November 2013

    When you login to your Simpletrader portal you will now be presented with a dashboard that we hope will be a nicer landing page than previous pages you may have landed on. We will try to keep the information on this dashboard updated so that you have something new to read every time you login!

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  • Email alert for new blog posts

    6 November 2013

    We have added an email subscription option to the blog. This will allow you to subscribe and receive an email for any new posts on the blog.

    This should help our user base keep up to date with any important news at SimpleTrader.

    To join the mailing list, enter your email address on the right side and click subscribe 🙂



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  • Minimum history reintroduced to ConnectForex/SimpleTrader

    3 November 2013

    We have seen some vendors trying to abuse the rules and put clients money in jeopardy by having signals which are new to the market go live without any real history. We have now reimposed the 8 week minimum history requirement for signal providers. You will need at least 8 weeks history to be automatically verified by our systems to go into our network.

    This has been introduce to help protect our clients.

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