• Some info

    30 May 2013
    As posted on our DonnaForex thread:
    All servers back online

    – EA came back online approx 25 mins ago and running and tested
    – DC booted about 10 mins ago but boots slowly, so 80% of accounts are back online.

    The reason for failure was an ISCSI failure on our SAN – We have 4 hour support with Dell and even they aren’t actually sure whats gone wrong (brilliant). We’ve moved to a new SAN while the old one is being looked at by Dell. In the future we will be making sure that we have a SAN->SAN live replication so we can failover quickly instead of this ridiculousness that has been today.

    What we tried to do for the best part of the day was bring the original SAN back to life, as we believed it to just be a fault. Dell also advised us of this, however after a few attempts realised there was a larger problem. Every time we put load on the SAN we ended up killing it, so we then brought it up with no load and started moving all our data across to the new SAN. This took some time as obviously we store a huge amount of data.

    This is now complete and we are the same system we were on but just a duplicate. We will be working over the next few days and weekend to strengthen the weak point (the SAN).

    Thanks for all the support, and thanks to all our own team for working round the clock to get this sorted. Sorry to everyone for any problems, and let me assure you this is upmost important to us and our livelyhood so we don’t let these things go lightly.

    Thanks again, any probs we are always on support / live chat. (or donna :D)


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  • DC Online

    30 May 2013

    DC is just booting so you should see your account alive in the next few minutes.

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  • EA all back online

    30 May 2013

    The EA side of the copier is fully functional and working. This also includes the senders.

    DC is booting in a few minutes.

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  • Still offline

    30 May 2013

    We have found the issue to be the primary SAN and it appears to be the ISCSI interfaces. We are looking to replace these shortly and bring everything back online.

    We deeply apologise for this, and we will make sure we have a backup for such a problem in the future. This is basically the only weak point in a very strong infrastructure, so sods law this has happened. We will keep you updated as we progress and let you know how we are going to combat this in the future.

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  • Offline again

    30 May 2013

    It appears we are having major issues with our core SAN – This is being addresses now and we will update again shortly.

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  • Online

    30 May 2013

    We are booting everything up now. All EA users are online and DC users are booting.

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  • Downtime

    30 May 2013

    We are still working on bringing everything on the copier platform back online. We are completely aware of the problem and trying to get it back online now and will announce all issues related to this shortly.

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  • Simpletrader Copier Offline

    30 May 2013

    We are looking into the issue with the Simpletrader Copier platform now and will update you as soon as we know more.

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  • New EA is finally here

    28 May 2013

    The new version of the EA (v1.55) has now been released. This version has a bunch of new features and it works exactly as Direct Connect does with all the same features.

    You can download the EA from your Simpletrader downloads page.

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  • Direct Connection Method No Longer An Option For New Accounts

    26 May 2013

    We are continuing to experience issues with our Direct Connection method due to MetaQuotes recent changes.

    As a result we have been forced to remove this form of connection for all new accounts.

    The EA Connection Method is completely stable and will give you the same fast execution if you are running it from our VPS Platform.

    To open a VPS account please visit http://www.vps.simpletrader.net/

    Our basic package starts at only $24.99 and will allow you to run multiple accounts and signals at once.

    Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

    It’s a shame that MetaQuotes don’t understand the damage this is doing to their brand and the stress it’s caused so many of their customers. They are determined to force everyone that is using an MT4 account to physically run their platform.

    We will continue to keep everyone up to speed as the situation changes.


    Nick and Will


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