• IC Markets have a new server

    28 April 2013

    IC Markets have released a new server named “Live” – it appears all existing customers are being moved to this new server. We have manually moved all our clients to the new server, however please check your configuration to make sure that everything is connected correctly. Their new server also no longer has a suffix so you will need to remove your suffix from the Simpletrader portal.

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  • Short staffed through Asian session

    23 April 2013

    Just to let everyone know that we are short staffed through the Asian session this week so live support will not be active until London Open to approx New York close.

    Everything will be restored as of next week.

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  • LibertyReserve now supported for SMS topup

    22 April 2013

    The SMS notifications are hugely popular so we have added support for paying for SMS topups via LibertyReserve. When going to the top up page you now have the option to pay via either Paypal or LibertyReserve.

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  • Alpari UK-Pro offline this morning

    19 April 2013

    We noticed that some of the UK-Pro accounts had disconnected this morning. We have done investigation into this and contacted Alpari this morning who have been very helpful. The root cause for the disconnection appears to be updated SRV files with updated server list from Alpari. This has been updated and all accounts have reconnected successfully.

    During any disconnection we monitor all trades as closely as possible – Our system informs the user of the failure via both email and optionally SMS so that they can act to make sure no trades are left hanging. As always we try our best to rectify any broker disconnections as quickly as possible.

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  • New EA forward tests

    18 April 2013

    With new staff we now have more time to dedicate to our other projects and things we’ve had to sideline in the past. Our sister site dailyforexpips.com has started a whole new EA forward test.

    Visit the forward tests by clicking this link http://www.dailyforexpips.com/EA-Forward-Tests/

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  • New statistics added for our signal followers

    11 April 2013

    We have added extra trade analysis for our signal followers. You can now view a break down of the pairs traded by your signal and a percentage analysis of winners versus losers.

    You can find the extra statistics by clicking on ‘View Activity’ under ‘My signals’.


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  • Signal page statistics reworked

    2 April 2013

    We have noticed considerably slow loading times on some pages with a lot of statistics. This has been reworked today and also you’ll now notice that ConnectForex loads a lot faster.

    We do ask that all signal providers update to the latest EA to make sure all their stats stay correct.

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  • Liberty Reserve Now Accepted On SimpleTrader

    1 April 2013

    You asked for it and we listened!

    We now offer payment via Liberty Reserve in addition to PayPal. All you need to do is insert your LR account number into our system and we do the rest by tracking payments, updating subscriptions and sending payment notifications.

    Simply select “Liberty Reserve” inside your “Edit Pricing” link to enable it.

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  • Welcome to our newest member of staff

    1 April 2013

    A big welcome to Phil Mckeown who will be doing numerous tasks within the company as well as helping out on live support 🙂

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  • New Wiki Section

    1 April 2013

    We have released a new wiki section on Simpletrader to help with the common questions. Please check it out by going to this link http://www.simpletrader.net/wiki.php

    We will try to constantly update this, and we will shortly work on the layout to make it easier to navigate!

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